Introducing modern home design elements

At Dark Roast Designs, we love modern home styles. Granted, we love almost every type of home style if done well, but it’s tough to beat the sleek lines and minimalist approach modern design elements create. While some people find modern homes to be too cold or harsh, the reality is that you can still bring warmth to a home that has modern elements. So if you have ever considered transitioning your home to a more modern look, or you’re in the market for a new home and want to be inspired as you begin your journey for the perfect modern home, here’s some things we think make modern homes wonderful!


Bring modern touches to your home!


When we talk about modern or contemporary home design, it’s probably important to clarify what that means to us. Because really, when it comes to home design, nothing fits neatly into a certain bucket or silo. The reality is that designing and styling a home in many ways is a form of functional art, and when it comes to art, there truly are no barriers. But it does help to try and define ideas so that at least our readers know what we’re talking about when we describe certain characteristics. To us, modern homes make use of open spaces, natural and other light forms, and use clean lines in both furnishing and other design elements. That’s it! So with that, let’s delve into some of these concepts:


Bring light inside!


solar tubeIn older homes, the style of the time was to break up rooms and make them dark. Contemporary design blew away with that notion and introduced the idea of opening up spaces and allowing natural light to brighten up those area. Whether it’s floor to ceiling windows, solar tubes, or skylights, anything you can do to bring in more natural light will go a long way in creating a more modern style to your home. Your body needs sunlight. And if you spent a good portion of your day in your home, you can still get the sunlight you need by bringing this light inside!


Use subtle paint colors as a base


When most people think of modern home design, they think of striking colors. And that certainly is an element of that style, but it’s an element that should be introduced through decor, not base colors on walls. Opt with subtle colors and use accessories to bring out the vibrant colors you want in your home that create that splash and pop you love.


Use natural materials


While many modern homes feature stainless steel and other metal elements, the reality is when you make it a point to bring light inside, it’s also a good idea to bring other natural elements inside. Whether it’s wood, rock and slate or cotton and wool, modern textile furnishings can bring warmth to a home while highlighting natural and modern elements.